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Five Essential Things to Pay Attention to When a Loved One Dies

Death is never easy on anyone. Apart from the immense grief that accompanies it, the process of arranging for the funeral of a dead loved one is one of the most trying process anyone could ever go through. Ultimately, with grief and organising a funeral to deal with, it's no surprise that it's extremely difficult to think about issues like securing the deceased' estate and making sure that every member of his or her family is taken care of.

But these are important issues that shouldn't be neglected. When not attended to in a timely manner, you risk experiencing a lot of complications with them when you finally heal from your grief. This is meant to point out those pressing issues, so that they don't skip your memory while you grieve.

Everyone in this case includes government agencies, utilities, bank and credit card companies, mobile network provider, and the likes. This will help them put a halt on the deceased accounts and stop further charges on it (automated billing on credit cards for subscriptions made by the deceased, for instance). It also makes for smooth transfer of the accounts to the beneficiaries in the future.

The funeral home you use can help you do this. Be sure to make many copies of the certificate, as they will come in handy for claiming life insurance and pensions, for settling estates, and even when (and if) you want to remarry.

You should begin as soon as possible to locate the will of the deceased. This can help solve any inheritance issues that may arise and reduce the chances of your family fighting over the deceased assets. Try to locate the original will, but if that doesn't work, then check with the attorney or accountant of the deceased to confirm whether or not they have a copy. There is also the possibility that the deceased maintained a safe deposit when he or she was alive. So you might want to visit the bank.

In the midst of the chaos and grief brought by death, it is very easy to forget that there may be family members or friends targeting one asset or another. This is the time to check the deceased room, portfolio, or safe for documents accounting for his or her assets. Even after you have secured the documents, check with the attorney and accountant to identify all assets and make sure that you haven’t missed any document.

After death, the power of attorney becomes void. The only person that has the power to distribute an estate is the executor or trustee of the deceased. Therefore, find out who this person is. If you are having problems with this, you might want to consult an attorney.

You can use this as a checklist for issues you need to attend to in order to secure your loved one’s estate and ensure that their will is carried out as they planned while alive.

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