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Do I Need To Make A Will?

The short answer to this question is no, because there is no law that says that you must have a will. However, there are many good reasons why it is far better to have a will in place. Without it you are subject to the default laws on how your property is divided up, which may be contrary to what you would have wanted. Millions of pounds worth of assets go to the state each year because people have not left instructions about what should happen to it.

Birth certificates, deeds of sale, vehicle registration, last will and testament – these are just some of the legal documents that you need to keep safe. When creating such legal documents, there are certain rules that need to be followed so you can rest assured that everything is in proper order. If there is one missing witness signature, for example, the document may be considered null and void. This is precisely the reason why it pays to know how such legal documents have to be prepared. Here, we will learn more about a person’s last will and testament, what it should include, who can make a will and why there is a need to make a will in the first place.

What Is A Will?

Before stressing the importance of making a will, let us first have a quick definition of the term. Also called the Last Will and Testament, a will is a legal document which indicates what you would like to happen to your estate in the event of your death. It is definitely one of the most important documents that you will ever make in your life, especially if you have accumulated quite a lot of assets over the years. With your will, you can have that final say as to how your affairs will be handled after your death. As such, the answer to the question Do I need to make a will? is a resounding yes.

Next, who can make a will? Unless you live in Scotland where the legal age to make a will is 12 years old, anybody in the rest of the UK who is 18 years old and above can make a will. Naturally, you need to be of sound mind in order to write a will. Should you get married, have additional children in the future or have your personal circumstances changed for one reason or another, you can easily update your will.

Although the division of the wealth that you accumulated to be indicated on your will primarily consists of financial matters, there are other key elements to it as well, including:

When Do I Need to Make a Will?

What is the answer to the question when do I need to make a will? As mentioned earlier, anyone who is of legal age can create a will. If you are single and you recently got married, entered a civil union, got divorced or had additional children, then you do need to update the will that you made. Although nobody would like to think of death arriving on their doorstep soon, it definitely eases any work on the loved ones who you will leave behind if your assets are divided based on your personal preferences. Without a will, there are complex Intestacy Laws which will dictate what will happen to your estate should you pass away unexpectedly.

Tips On How To Make A Will

Lastly, what do you need in order to make a will? Despite being a formal, legal document, making a will does not need to be a tedious or expensive task. Here are a few tips on how you can make a will:

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