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It is easy to put off making a will. Many people think there is no hurry because they are not going to die just yet, or else are put off because they do not want to pay for the expensive services of a solicitor. These are just a couple of excuses that people have in not making a will for themselves. Although it is true that nobody wants to think of themselves in the context of death, it is something that will come eventually, so you need to prepare for. Imagine a situation where a man dies having forgotten to make a will, and the Intestacy Laws rule that their house should be given as an inheritance to his estranged wife with whom he had not divorced just yet.

It is a much better scenario to know that once you pass on, your wishes as to how your assets and even your personal belongings will be cared for by people who are important to you. This is precisely the reason why you need to put a tiny amount of time and effort into making your will before it is too late.

Rules To Follow When Making A Will

Now that you already have a basic idea about the importance of making your wishes known in a legally binding document, let us take a look at some basic rules to follow when making a will.

If you have children, indicate your wishes as to who will be their legal guardian. You can either assign a separate individual to handle their finances, or the guardian can also safeguard your children’s finances.

Create a list of your individual assets and any debts that you owe. Indicate what your intentions are with regards to the handling and distribution of your estate. Your estate basically includes any property under your name, your savings, cash funds, personal effects, the items inside your house, proceeds from life insurance policies, benefits from other insurance plans, pension, etc.

Be sure to also indicate what your wishes are when it comes to how your remains will be handled.

Options For Making A Will: Solicitor Versus Online Templates

As mentioned earlier, one of the major concerns that some people have in putting off writing their will is the expenses involved. Most individuals have this misconception that writing a will involves an expensive, tedious legal process. The opposite is actually true if you go about it the right way. As long as you do not have very unusual or special circumstances surrounding your estate, you can easily use online templates as a cheap but perfectly sound and legal will.

Basically, you simply need to go to reliable sites which offer cheap will templates. By using these cheap will templates, you would know how to create columns for your assets and what your wishes are when it comes to how they will be distributed later on. The cheap will templates will also give you the correct legal wording where necessary. Being the legal document that wills are, there are certain words which need to be used in order to make the will easily understandable yet detailed enough to adhere to your wishes for estate distribution.

Perhaps the only instance when you cannot go for a cheap will template is when you have a huge estate to divide among your loved ones. In this case, it is better to hire the services of a solicitor so you can be absolutely certain that everything will be in its proper legal order.

Making Your Will Legal And Binding

After following the format from the cheap will template that you have obtained online, there are a couple more things that you need to do to legalise the document. First, affix your signature on the will. Second, have the process of your signing the will witnessed by a couple of individuals who should not be related to you. The witnesses also need to affix their signature on the document, they should not be a relative and they should not be a beneficiary of your estate as indicated in the will.

All in all, using cheap will templates is best suited for individuals who would like to leave a will but without having to pay the high price of hiring a solicitor.

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